Spammers send 12.5 MILLION e-mails to get one response – Keep all of that out of your in-box and OFF your network!

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The BBC had an interesting article about a study on SPAM and the amount of return that comes from it. The study results show spammers send out 12.5 Million e-mails to get one positive response. That is a ton of SPAM! You can read the article here.
While you ponder that amazing amount of SPAM, consider protecting your in-box, network, and fellow computer users by subscribing to MacMedics’ Anti-SPAM e-mail filtering service. Our service is highly accurate and extremely easy to use, as well as being very cost effective.
You can keep your current mail server and just filter for SPAM and virus infected e-mails, or you can also host your e-mail on our server as well. There’s a nice little side benefit for the filtering part of the equation, as our filtering service will “cache” any inbound emails if your mail server is ever down or off line for any reason. Many of our clients use the service, some just do the filtering, while others use both filtering and hosting (done on separate servers). Set up is free, and prices start at $2 per mailbox per month. For folks looking for a new mail host this works out to be a really cheap solution that also offers great webmail based on the Zimbra e-mail platform.
Read all about the service on the MacMedics website.

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