Still No Power? To Avoid Computer Issues, Unplug Your Macs BEFORE The Power Comes Back On

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Hey everyone, if you are still without power, go ahead and unplug your Macs. That way when power comes back on, there won’t be any electrical surge issues.
If you are going out of town for the Fourth of July or vacation, unplug everything before you leave, and don’t leave your backup hard drive WITH your Mac. Someone stealing your Mac will likely steal your backup hard drive, as well. Take your backup with you, or hand it off to family or friends for safe keeping. That way if something happens, you’ll still have all of your data.
Also, don’t leave portable Macs and iPads around in open view when you’re away from home. There’s not a week that goes by without one of our clients having a Mac stolen. Put them away or lock them up!

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