Stop! Before You Make A Trip To The Annapolis Apple Store, See This Checklist First

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Before you make an appointment for the Genius Bar, drive to the mall, find a parking spot, and then lug your iMac through the Annapolis Mall to get to the Apple Store, please consider supporting your local neighborhood Mac shop! We’ve been providing both Apple desktop and laptop repairs, service, and sales in the Annapolis area side 1989. While we’re an independent Apple sales, service, and consulting firm, MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider and Apple Authorized Reseller.

Need more convincing? Take a look at these comments that were sent to Apple from clients who we performed Apple Warranty or AppleCare service for recently:

“The service was the best I have ever had on any product. Thanks!”

“The technician was helpful and provided additional information on a completely unrelated topic. It was a very good experience.”

“My experience with MacMedics was amazing. I felt at ease leaving my MacBook in their hands.”

“Just want to say that Mac Medics offers the best quality service for your products. They were fantastic the service was quick the people were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions.”

“I was extremely satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of Mac Medics I will not hesitate to use them in the future and I have already highly recommended them to my co workers for all of their Mac needs.”

“I could not be more happy with the combined service of Apple and MacMedics. MacMedics had it couriered to their location and I had it back on Tuesday after the Holiday. I mean serious who works this fast? While the rest of the country enjoyed their 3-day weekend somebody was working on my problem. My satisfaction is off of the charts and I have told many peers and coworkers this amazing story. Thanks again!!!!”

Stop! Before You Make A Trip To The Annapolis Apple Store, See This Checklist First:

Visit MacMedics in Severna Park (near Safeway on Benfield Road) or Lanham, Maryland (near RT 50 & I-495) the next time you need Mac sales or service.
See our Blog post with all the details on why to come see MacMedics instead of trekking to the Apple Store. Clients that come to see us, often tell us they will never go back to the Apple Store for Macintosh sales OR service!
Or review this quick top 9 reasons here:

1. No appointment is needed: No need to call ahead when you’re ready to come visit MacMedics! Just walk in and our Apple Certified Techs will take great care of you.

2. No lines: We’re always busy, but there’s almost never a wait to speak to a MacMedic Tech.

3. Quick Check In: Tell us what your Mac’s issue or problem is, and we’ll get right on the case!

4. No lugging your iMac or Mac Pro through the mall: Our front door is less then 10 steps from our parking lot.

5. Quick Turn-Around: Our goal for in-lab service it to have it done in less then 72 hours. Most repairs take less time, and if that’s the case then your Mac will be back to you even quicker! The majority of our Apple Warranty or AppleCare repairs are done in about 24 hours.

6. Hassle free warranty: Got a Mac that needs out of warranty service? The Apple Store only offers a 90-day service warranty. MacMedics “Hassle Free” warranty is a full 1-year!

7. Need a new Mac? We’ve got them: Come pick out what Mac you want, and we’ll be happy to help with no sales hype! Best of all you don’t have to wait your turn.

8. MacMedics CAN fix the stuff the Apple Store can’t or won’t: If you’ve been quoted an exorbitant amount of money to have your Mac fixed at the Apple Store, MacMedics can help! Be it Liquid damage, a fried logic board, broken LCD, and severe Macintosh laptop case damage are all offered at MacMedics and often for hundreds of dollars less then Apple (or anywhere else!). ALL repairs are covered by our 1-year warranty.

9. The Apple Store Can’t Upgrade Your Hard Drive: MacMedics Can! See our new blog post from 1/30/10 to get all of the details. A common issue we help clients with here at MacMedics is “upgrading” or “retiring” a failed (or perfectly good) hard drive. What many people don’t know is that we can “upgrade” your computer to a larger size hard drive,(or a Solid State hard drive) even if your hard drive has failed under Apple warranty.

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