Summer storm season is here. Are your Macs protected?

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Undated 6/29/12
If you’re a longtime MacMedics newsletter reader, then you’ve heard this before. Summer store season is already here, and computers damaged by lightning have already started to come into our lab for repair. A common problem are Macintosh computers hooked directly to Ethernet to a Comcast cable modem. If lightning hit the Comcast cable to your house or your street, it’s got a clear path right to your computer via the Ethernet port.
This week we’ve already seen two iMacs with the exact same problem of a blown logic board via the Ethernet port. If you’re going to be away for summer vacation, don’t forget to unplug your computer from both the wall and Ethernet. If you’re wireless then you’ve got less to worry about.
We’re often asked what we recommend to protect computers from surges. We like an Uninterruptible Power Supply with Line Conditioning, and Surge Protection. You should also have protection for your telephone and Ethernet connections. Also, make sure it has a connected equipment warranty. The unit we recommend has a $100,000 warranty guarantee and an Ethernet pass-thru port.
MacMedics recommends this model for all clients, but we especially recommend it for clients who own PowerMac G5’s with dual processors, which are notoriously picky about their input power.
We have a UPS unit that we are happy with and we’ve been supplying it for the last year or so that is available to MacMedics clients for $179. If you’re not protected, give MacMedics a call, and we can arrange for one to be installed on your next visit, or drop shipped right to your door.

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