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The services at MacMedics that nobody knows about:

MacMedics iPhone Service

I am not anxious to talk about this topic right now, but this is essential information that I wanted to share, as I have personal experience with it. Yes, I fix Macs and iPhones all the time, but there is another side of my business that you don’t know about. If you pass away unexpectedly, […]

You might want to hold off on that software update…

MacMedics iPhone Service

While you’re working from home or have some extra time to fill, we’re recommending that you NOT run that software update on your Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad while you have important work to do. If your device is working, we would recommend you just let it go on its current software revision and ONLY run […]

MacMedics is here to help!

MacMedics iPhone Service

It’s a difficult time for MacMedics, as it is for all businesses as we all work to evolve and adapt to the challenges that we’re facing. We want to let you know that while our showrooms are closed, we are still working. As a business in the Information Technology sector, MacMedics has been designated an […]