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MacMedics Case File: Seagate 7.01 Firmware Hard Drive Failure Video

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Update 2/1/11: We’ve noticed (and others on the Internets) that Seagate drives that have the firmware version of 3.CAE are in the same category as the Seagate 7.01 firmware drive that are prone to catastrophic and sudden failure. MacMedics STRONGLY recommends that both the Seagate 7.01 AND 3.CAE hard drives should be replaced no matter […]

Congratulations your hard drive made it through another Friday the 13th!

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Friday the 13th can be an un-lucky day, but you CAN take control of your back up and ensure your data is always protected by following a few simple steps. The important thing is to PLAN AHEAD. Your back up is not complete if it’s not: 1. Automatic (Use Time Machine and this point is […]

Before installing Snow Leopard be sure to read our Apple upgrade warning page first.

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Update 10/23/13 See our Mac OX X 10.9 (Mavericks) upgrade warnings page here: http://www.macmedics.com/mavericks Update 1/27/10: This topic was mentioned on the Apple forums. See the link here. Apple released Snow Leopard to the public on August 28. This new version of OS X leaves behind support for the Power PC and it will only […]