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Missing Apple Mail data after 10.5.6 upgrade?

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A number of MacMedics’ clients and friends have been contacting us about an issue with Apple’s Mail after upgrading their Macs to 10.5.6. When they launch Mail after the update, there is no Mail viewer window available. This is kind of a frighting symptom because if you click on the “File” menu to open a […]

Sending mass emails and the dreaded "reply to all" mistake

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I saw in the news this morning an article about a new U.S. State Department mandate regarding accidently using “reply to all” in e-mails. I’m amazed that the State Department and many other folks DON’T use “Blind Carbon Copy” when sending an e-mail to a large list of recipients. This is easy and it prevents […]

Spammers send 12.5 MILLION e-mails to get one response – Keep all of that out of your in-box and OFF your network!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

The BBC had an interesting article about a study on SPAM and the amount of return that comes from it. The study results show spammers send out 12.5 Million e-mails to get one positive response. That is a ton of SPAM! You can read the article here. While you ponder that amazing amount of SPAM, […]