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Pro Tip: Lojack For Laptops Users – Always Have Your Recovery Info With You

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If your laptop gets stolen, and you don’t have quick draw access to your registration info, you could lose critical time in reporting your loss to LoJack For Laptops. Sounds complicated, right? Nope, It’s super easy. 1. If you don’t have your registration info from LoJack already, then log in to get it. 2. Once […]

LoJack For Laptops Lion Work Around Until Update Is Released

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Update 1/25/12 Lojack For Laptops is not available from the Apple App Store. See our link below for 25% off. Update 1/8/12: If you don’t already own LoJack for Laptops for your Mac (or PC for that matter), we highly recommend it. Also, a pro tip from your friends here at MacMedics: Just because this […]