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MacMedics: It is time to retire PowerMac G4's and G5's

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

MacMedics recently completed a triple PowerMac G5 retirement at a local Baltimore hospital. All three machines were in place and up in running in under 3 hours. If you’re a PowerMac user AND a professional graphic designer, MacMedics is now officially recommending that you retire your trusty G4 or G5. (See pictures of Dana loading […]

Dusty G5 Processor

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

An “air-flow” inspection might sound like a made up term to allow for extra time on a service visit, but it’s something that should be done at least twice a year. The following picture is of a Quad-Core G5’s processor. Sadly, this one clogged up with dust and baked the processor and caused it to […]