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MacMedics Macintosh Service Case File: A MacBook That Had Been Serviced At A Nationwide Mac Repair Shop

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Sending your MacBook or MacBook Pro off to one of the “Nationwide” Mac repair shops, might sound like a good idea. Here’s a couple of things to consider. Are their techs Apple Certified with many years of Mac hardware experience? Are they advertising the “lowest price” on the Internet? If they are, they maybe going […]

MacMedics MacBook LCD replacement service for $349 (including return shipping via FedEx)

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Nobody likes to see a broken Macintosh laptop LCD, especially us. We love Macs, so we don’t like to see them hurt and broken after a bad drop or other unfortunate incident. Replacing the MacBook LCD can be an expensive repair when you seek help from Apple. When having your MacBook serviced by the Apple […]

Patterns in cracked iPod Video LCD screen

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It’s hard to always know what damages an iPod Video or iPhone LCD screen. We’re constantly amazed at the patterns that are created as LCD gets destroyed. Since most of the iPods we work on are mailed in to us, we often don’t get the story behind a damaged iPod. We’ll ask our clients that […]