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Apple Safari Internet SCAM – Webpage Tells You To Call Phone Number

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Please spread the word about this. We hear about folks who get hooked by this scam and call the phone number everyday. They often pay the $100 – $300 for someone to log-on to your Mac to fix NOTHING! If you get a message in Safari (like the one below) that says you have a […]

Ensure Your Mac Is Configured To Protect You From Known Virus And Malware Threats

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Did you know that both Lion (10.7) and Snow Leopard (10.6) will protect you from known virus and malware threats? All you have to do is to ensure that the checkbox in System Preferences under Security & Privacy is checked. Here’s what it should look like in Lion (10.7): Here’s what if should look like […]

How To Remove MacDefender From Your Time Machine Backup

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Update 5/28/11: MacMedics Offers Free Removal Of MacDefender Malware In Baltimore & Washington DC Offices. If you’ve picked up a copy of MacProtector, MacDefender, MacSecurity, or now MacGuard, just stop by either or Millersville or Lanham offices, and we’ll remove this malware off of your Macintosh computer for free. No appointments are needed, just stop […]