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MacMedics Case File: The Ikea Glass Desk Collapse

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We just repaired a newer Apple iMac for a client that had its front glass broken. It looked like a pretty simple repair on the surface, as the iMac was still working. We asked the client what happened, and they informed us that their Ikea desk had collapsed and the iMac had fallen to the […]

If You Wanted A Black MacBook, You Should Have Just Let Us Know. We Have Used Black MacBooks For Sale

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Dear Mac Users, You cannot achieve the desired cosmetic effect by trying to dye your White MacBook to turn it into a Black MacBook. Sincerely, Your Mac Friends at MacMedics Kidding. Apparently this White MacBook had black ink spilled on it, thus permanently dying the top case sort of a smoky black. We were able […]

MacMedics Case File: Child Destroys New Unibody MacBook Pro

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

This MacBook Pro Unibody came into our Washington DC office. The story is that the unit was destroyed by an angry child. This unit was purchased new on March 25, 2011. Our techs checked this unit out and it’s totaled, so it will need to be replaced. Let’s hope the client can claim this on […]