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Thieves Ransack Paralympian's Home, Take Off With Her Gold Olympic Rings (and her hard drives!)

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It’s not often that we reference a story from Inside Edition. Tonight there was a story about a Paralympian, whose home was burglarized and of course they took the normal stuff like jewelry, computers, TV’s, and electronics. They also stole 5 external hard drives, which were the only place she had irreplaceable videos of her […]

A Complete Backup Is BOTH Local AND Off-Site. Don't get ROBBED Of Your Data!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

We’ve heard this story before: We recently learned via another Apple Authorized Reseller about their client, an attorney on the West Coast, whose MacBook Pro and Time Capsule were stolen in a recent break-in. Everything he had was on those two devices. If a drug addict breaks into your home or office looking for stuff […]