The Annapolis Apple Store will be closed for a remodel and refresh from August 17th to August 27th. Come visit MacMedics in the meantime!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

The Annapolis Apple Store will be closed for a re-model and re-fresh from August 17th to August 27th.
Apple touched base with us today to ask about referring Apple Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone repair customers to the two local MacMedics repair centers. They will remain open until the 17th, but they stopped accepting new repair work today.
We’re ready! MacMedics Millersville and MacMedics Lanham are fully staffed and ready for the extra Apple repair work. New MacMedics clients may not know that MacMedics is an award-winning Apple Authorized Service Provider. As such, we can handle any repair situation in or out of warranty (or under AppleCare). We’re famous for tackling tough repairs like logic board replacements and LCD screen repairs. For the really big Apple repairs (like logic boards and LCDs) we can often do the repair for less then half of what Apple charges. Best of all MacMedics out of warranty repairs come with a full 1-year warranty (Apple Service only gives you a 90-day warranty)
No appointments are needed! Just stop by and we’ll get your sick Mac, iPod, or iPhone checked in and triaged for service as quickly as possible.
For Mac friends who are just learning about MacMedics, we’ve been around for 20-years, and we welcome your business. Want to learn more about us? The Baltimore Sun did a nice article on us just last month. You can read that here.
We published a Blog post a few months ago with the top nine reasons to bring your repair situation over to MacMedics. I’m posting it again here:

Lots of MacMedics clients and Mac friends I’ve been talking to recently have commented on the longevity of MacMedics. If you have not heard, we’re now in our twentieth year of business (pretty cool). It’s nice that I no longer have to explain that Apple is NOT going out of business, why Apple has no market share, why Macs cost so much, why would anyone want a Mac, aren’t PC’s so much better then Macs for business, and why Macs are not just for hobbyists, gamers, and people who wear sandals?
Now, the conversations are much more positive! The most prevailing questions seem to be related to be how on earth can MacMedics’ TWO Maryland based Macintosh sales and service locations continue to proper and expand when we have to compete directly with Apple’s very strong retail store presence in Maryland and Virginia?
The MacMedics Millersville/Baltimore office is in the middle of three local Apple Stores in Baltimore-Annapolis area, (Annapolis, Columbia, and Towson, Maryland) and the MacMedics Lanham/Washington DC office also in thick of Apple Store country (including first Apple Store in Tysons Corner as well as Bethesda (soon to be in it’s own new “store front” location on Bethesda Ave.), Clarendon, Pentagon City, and also Annapolis).
First of all, Apple sends tons of people to us directly from the Apple Store and from AppleCare telephone support. The folks at Apple know that for many repairs, MacMedics’ labor pricing structure and service parts costs are different (and usually LOWER) than Apple, so for most repairs, MacMedics is less expensive than Apple (and many others as well). When you factor in that all MacMedics “out-of-warranty” Macintosh repairs we perform are covered by our 1-year “no hassle” warranty. This fact makes MacMedics the BEST choice for ALL Apple out of warranty repairs. The Apple Store and other AASP’s only offer a 90-day warranty on Apple service repairs.
When faced with a major repair like a logic board or LCD replacement, our price is hundreds of dollars less than the Apple Store. The Apple Store also does not offer full repair services for their iPod and iPhone family of products. They will exchange certain units in certain circumstances, but not always and generally a “whole unit” exchange is MORE expensive then just having the exact problem fixed by MacMedics.
What about AppleCare and Apple Warranty repairs? Well, as an Apple Authorized Service Provider, MacMedics is the place for that as well. With no lines, no lugging your Mac gear though the mall, and our award-winning in-lab service, it’s pretty clear that we are on our game. At the Apple Store you have to compete with the crowds, and those crowds mean that there’s an equally large amount of Apple hardware in the back room waiting for the Genius team to get to it. We almost always start your repair the same day you bring it to us. As soon as we have a repair plan and cost estimate we’ll call you and give you all of your choices. You never have to worry if we’re push you one way or another when considering to buy a new Mac (or used Mac) or to perform a repair. It’s always your choice, and we’ll advise you like family when it comes to making a decision about replacing an older Mac. As an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, MacMedics is well suited to help you find a new Mac when you’re ready for one.
We’re also quite proud of the fact that MacMedics almost never uses Apple depot (mail-in) service. We perform any repair we can in-house, and that translates into a faster turn around time for you.
MacMedics’ Millersville headquarters is a hassle-free place to come when you need Macintosh support. We have over 3000 square feet dedicated to ONLY Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone service. That’s larger then most Apple Stores, and far more “service” space then pretty much anywhere else. Don’t forget that our Lanham, MD location is just as well suited to handle your Mac service and sales needs.
Here’s some great reasons to come see MacMedics Mac Lab in Millersville or Lanham:
1. No appointment is necessary: Just walk in and our Apple Certified Techs will take great care of you.
2. No lines: We’re always busy, but there’s almost never a wait to speak to a MacMedic Tech.
3. Quick Check In: Tell us what your Mac’s issue or problem is, and we’ll get right on the case! We’ll call you to talk in detail when we have an idea of what’s going on with your unit and what ALL of your options are.
4. No lugging your Macintosh though the mall: Our front door is less then 10 steps from our parking lot. You can bring your Mac in, or come in and get us, and we’ll carry it in for you.
5. Quick Turn-Around: Our goal for in-lab service it to have it done in less then 72 hours. Many repairs take less time, and if that’s the case your Mac will be back to you quicker.
6. Hassle free warranty: Got a Mac that needs out of warranty service? The Apple Store only offers a 90-day service warranty. MacMedics “Hassle Free” warranty is a full 1-year!
7. Need a new Mac? We’ve got them. Come pick out what you want, and we’ll be happy to help with no sales hype!
8. Full Service for iPhone & iPods: While the Apple store might do a whole unit replacement, MacMedics will fix just the problem you have, thus saving you money. All iPod & iPhone repairs MacMedics performs come with a full one-year parts and labor warranty.
9. Same day service for iPods & iPhones: In most cases if you drop off your iPod or iPhone in the morning, we’ll have it done later that same day!
Update 5/26/09 Need another reason? We are pleased to announce that Apple has selected MacMedics for a quarterly Commitment To Excellence service award for the second time. Only 179 Apple Service locations were honored with this award putting MacMedics in the top 5% of all Apple Authorized Service Providers in the United States and Canada. Get the scoop here.

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