The services at MacMedics that nobody knows about:

MacMedics iPhone Service

I am not anxious to talk about this topic right now, but this is essential information that I wanted to share, as I have personal experience with it.

Yes, I fix Macs and iPhones all the time, but there is another side of my business that you don’t know about. If you pass away unexpectedly, your family may come to visit me to help to get your data off of your device. Do you know what’s heartbreaking? When I can’t. With iPhones, if it’s locked with a PIN there is almost no way to retrieve the data. The same thing goes for Macs locked with FileVault. Ensure that your loved ones know your Apple ID and password and your Mac’s password or FileVault encryption key (or maybe not). Now would be a good time to check to ensure that your loved ones know your wishes are when it comes to your data.

I recently helped a mother who had lost her son by saving data from his iMac. I helped her find pictures of him from his computer for his memorial service. I was able to gain access to his password-secured iMac, but not his iPhone.

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