Thieves Ransack Paralympian's Home, Take Off With Her Gold Olympic Rings (and her hard drives!)

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It’s not often that we reference a story from Inside Edition. Tonight there was a story about a Paralympian, whose home was burglarized and of course they took the normal stuff like jewelry, computers, TV’s, and electronics. They also stole 5 external hard drives, which were the only place she had irreplaceable videos of her Olympic journey and a documentary movie that she was working on.
See the video here. Details of the hard drive theft start at 49 second:
In order to be FULLY backed up you HAVE to have your data first backed up locally, then it needs to also be backed up to the cloud or off-site storage.
The Golden Triangle of Backups is as follows:
1. Redundant: This means it has to be in TWO places. On your computer and also safely stored on a backup hard drive.
2. Automatic: This means that you don’t do a thing to make the backup run. It happens on it own without a human intervention.
3. Off-Site: This means your data has to be backed up to the cloud (iCloud is not a normal place folks use to back up their computers) or stored off-site in the form of a second hard drive stored at a relatives house or at at your office.
You can read more about this at this former MacMedics Blog post. It’s titled: 9 Things We Wish We Did Before Our House Burned Down

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