This 13” MacBook Pro got soaked with Coffee!

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This 13” MacBook Pro got soaked with Coffee! The customer had not backed up their data, which was especially scary as the display was not lit up! Thankfully, we were able to back up the customer’s data. The unit has so much coffee that it smelled like a coffee shop here while I was backing it up! Don’t forget that newer Macs have embedded hard drives! That means any data on board the Mac goes down with the ship when it dies. There’s no way to remove the hard drive as we could just a few years ago. This makes it especially important to back up with Time Machine.

If you need help getting started, call the shop to schedule an appointment with me or one of my colleagues, and we’ll set up a Time Machine backup for free. You can supply your own hard drive (as this customer did) or purchase one from us. Also, as a side note, this customer provided a Western Digital Passport hard drive, which is not our favorite brand.

Also, I am a big fan of Backblaze, for which I am a reseller!


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