Time Machine

Apple's Time Machine is your BEST first line of defense against data loss!

Hello Mac friends,
When customers visit us at MacMedics at checkout or check-in, I try to get all this information into customers’ hands, but there’s so much to talk about that I’ve found that there’s just no way to get all of this important information into the customer’s hands.
I decided to make an audio recording you can listen to in your car or when you have time for a quick coaching session about Time Machine and why it’s important to back up your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
It’s heartbreaking to see someone lose data that’s important to them, and unfortunately, I see it almost every day. It’s often because someone needed to be more educated about the process, or they just had the wrong concept of what was being backed up and what was backing it up. The recording is only about 9 minutes long. I hope you find it helpful!
If you need our help with setting up your Time Machine, it’s a free service we offer to the community. You can stop by with the hard drive you bring from home that’s blank and ready to be used, or you can purchase one from us. Also, if you have an iPhone or an iPad and need assistance getting iCloud backup setup, stop by the shop, and we’ll be happy to help you purchase the storage from Apple to back up all of your data safely.

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