To repair or not to repair your iPod, that is the question.

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Now more than ever it makes good sense to repair your broken iPod rather then replace it. Here at MacMedics and we’ve seen a pretty steady stream of folks looking to have their iPods repaired. The iPod is designed to be pretty much a disposable piece of electronics, as Apple has very few decent repair options available. With a newer, larger capacity, sexier models out pretty frequently Apple makes a pretty convincing argument to just buy a new iPod when your iPod starts to give you trouble. I shudder to think how many iPod users give up on a perfectly good iPod, just because it has a very minor problem or just needs a new battery.
Many, many iPods I see have simple issues like hard drive corruption or a bad battery. There are easy and cheap to fix. Even iPods with a serious problem like a dead logic board or hard drive are still worth fixing, as they can be repaired in most cases for less than half the cost of a new iPod. All of our iPod repairs carry a full one year warranty.
With gas prices, and doom and gloom with the stock market, everyone seems to be on money saving kick right now. Consider that it only costs about $2 (via USPS) to ship your iPod to us for a free estimate, it’s a worthwhile investment to find out for sure where your iPod’s situation really is. Since we don’t sell new iPods, we’ve got a pretty good incentive to repair your iPod, while Apple is more interested in seeing you replace it.
So if you’re in what appears to be a repair situation, let us take a look it might be something simple. If it’s not and you don’t want to invest more money into your older iPod, we’ll give you cash on the spot for it.
Send your iPod in for free check out, and if you have an older iPod sitting around, that you have no plans to repair, send that as well and we’ll use it’s cash value to reduce your repair bill. Okay, okay I know some of you already fell in love with a new iPod and have an old one in your kitchen junk drawer (right next to your dead cell phone). We’ll give you cash for your broken or damaged iPod. We buy all models in any condition and we pay top price.