“Trust, but verify” your Mac’s Time Machine backup drive!

This high-quality G-Tech hard drive was used for Time Machine in 2015 but was re-used from their previous Mac. However, it died somewhere along the way and stopped backing up. I wanted to get a reading on how many hours it had been in service, but unfortunately, it was too sick for me to pull that statistic up.

Time Machine is a great way to back up, but let’s remember Ronald Regan for a moment with his “Trust, but verify) statement. While Time Machine is pretty much a set-n-forget system, you still need to follow up with it two to three times a year to ensure it works correctly. Also, when you are away from your home, take your Time Machine drive, separate it from your Mac, and store it elsewhere. If there is a localized fire, theft, or flood, you have the computer and backup drive separated. In addition, I highly recommend Backblaze for off-site cloud backup! BackBlaze: https://www.backblaze.com/cloud-backup.html#af9wuu

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