Two Happy MacMedics Clients Learn Why We're A Better Option Than The Apple Store

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This review is from Shannon L. from Silver Spring, MD, who posted this on Yelp
I agree with the previous reviewer; skip the Apple store lines and come straight to MacMedics. The fan started whirring loudly in my two year old Macbook Air. I first made an Apple Store appointment, but emailed MacMedics for a quote on the cost of repair. They replied promptly. I realized I bought Apple Care, brought it in, was helped without a wait, and had it back and fresh and fixed in 27 hours. Brilliant!
I’m utterly tickled I didn’t have to go to the mall for this, wait for a genius bar appointment, or deal with any hassle. Awesome service, thanks!

This review is from Kevin P from Greenbelt, Maryland. I included this here since the review above mentions the “previous reviewer”.
Macintosh support in Prince George’s County. Took my 2006-era MacBook Pro here after it died. They convinced me it wasn’t worth repairing. Instead, I ordered a replacement model. They added memory to my specifications and copied over the data from my old hard drive, something I couldn’t have done on my own, while charging only the base $99 for labor. We had a bit of a misunderstanding over the cost of the memory, which I’m dinging them a point for, but it was resolved to my satisfaction. I’m looking forward to dealing with them on all my future Macintosh issues rather than driving to Annapolis or Columbia. (I wish I’d known about them a lot sooner as it would have saved me a lot of mileage!)
You can read our Top 12 Reasons why MacMedics is a better choice than the Apple Store for Apple Authorized Service (both Warranty/AppleCare OR out-of-warranty service) in one of our most popular Blog posts at
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