Up cycling an old Apple AirPort 2TB Time Capsule

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I took an old and outdated Apple 2TB AirPort Time Capsule and

upcycled it today. I accomplished three things: 1. I extended a Verizon Fios wireless network to an upstairs area and outside (which was historically weak). 2. Enabled the TimeMachine backup as a SECOND wireless way to backup. 3. Wirelessly shared an old Brother USB laser printer that once belonged to Tom Clancy (the famous author).

This model Time Capsule is pretty famous for getting pretty hot, so I sourced a trivet from the kitchen to keep it off this wood table.

This Time Capsule was dropped off for recycling by a customer that was moving out of town. When that happened, I erased it via the AirPort Utility for security. It had been hanging around the shop as I did not want to send it off to the recycler if I could make it work again. I finally got around to re-using it for a friend’s kind of weak network. It worked like a champ!


Upcycling an AirPort TimeCapsule

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