Watch out for fake AirPods this holiday season!

Watch out for fake AirPods this holiday season!

As you look for good deals this holiday season or if you receive a set of AirPods as a gift, let’s ensure the set you give or receive is the real deal! We’ve already seen an uptick in units that have issues. Guess where they came from? Both were gifts from the holiday season LAST year! That means no way to track the seller down or get protection from your credit card. Plus, if you get a set this season, the gifter usually does not also purchase AppleCare. It’s only $29, and we HIGHLY recommend it!

Fake AirPod Alert! We just had a set come in for service with the Apple box with a valid serial number, but they are 100% counterfeit. In this case, one of the dark-colored plastic pieces that cover a sensor on the top of the AirPod had fallen off.

That seems to be a common problem with counterfeit units. I see these on the Facebook marketplace all the time, they usually have some backstory, like they got them as a gift, and they already had a pair, and they’re selling them for cheap, usually around $100. It’s a case of being too good to be true. Nobody will sell a brand-new pair of AirPods for $100 or $120. Also, if you’re not 100% sure whether yours are real, you can email us your serial number, and we can usually check very quickly.

Can you spot the fake box? It’s the one on the right! Also on this fake set of AirPods the ear tips look too big.

12-1-2022 Update:

We saw two fake sets just this week. On the first set, the customer had what looked like an actual box with a real AirPod case, but the AirPods themselves were counterfeit! You could tell because they had a yellow band around the bottom. In the other instance, our customer’s daughter got them as a gift from her uncle. The Case was fake, but the AirPods were real.

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