We Fix Mac Problems As Fast And As Inexpensively As Possible (Sometimes for FREE!)

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

A new customer to MacMedics was in a bit of a bind with her Mac, so we told her to swing by and we’d see if we could fix it for her. Turns out it was simple enough that we could fix it while she waited. Best of all we took care of her issues for free. See her review from Yelp below.
I went into Mac Medics, needing the password to my MacBook Pro reset as well as new screws that hold the bottom of my laptop on. I had my hard drive replaced at a Mac store in another state and they returned my computer to me without the screws! I walked into Mac Medics and ten minutes later, they returned my computer to me and I was out the door with a new password and a whole computer….FOR NO CHARGE. Not to mention they were incredibly nice and professional. I highly recommend going to them for all of you Mac needs.
Sara M.
Glen Burnie

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