Why wait in line at the Apple Store??

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

I happened to be at the Annapolis Mall this morning (before it opened), and saw a cluster of folks waiting for the Apple Store to open. Four or five people had sick Macs with them, and rushed into the store to meet with the first available Genius to check their Mac in for repair.
Why lug your Mac though the Mall, fight your fellow Mac users for the first Genius, and have to wait to do so? Just bring your sick or broken Mac to MacMedics, Annapolis’ and Anne Arundel county’s oldest and largest Mac repair shop. You can pull up outside of our office and walk less then ten steps to get to our counter. Come in and get one of our MacMedics, and we’ll even carry your injured Mac in for repair. Ready for the VIM (Very Important Mac) treatment?
Have you been quoted a huge repair price for your Mac, and want a free second opinion? Do you need your in or out of warranty Mac serviced? Are you in a pickle trying to figure out if you should repair, or buy new? We’re ready to help you! The crew here at MacMedics are straight-talking, honest, Apple Certified Macintosh professionals who love helping clients repair or service older Apple gear as much as putting clients into a new machine. Come take advantage of our 200 plus years of combined Macintosh experience, 45,000 on-site and in-lab service jobs, and over 20 years in business. You never need an appointment to visit, and it’s just 15 feet from your car to our front door. We’ll even carry any heavy computers you have into our office! MacMedics is simply the best choice for Apple Service!
1-866-MAC-MEDICS or http://www.macmedics.com.

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