You can never have too many backups!

A liquid damaged MacBook Pro

This Mac laptop was in our Lanham store last week. As you can see, it has some pretty bad liquid damage preventing it from turning on.

See the following photo:

A badly damaged MacBook Pro logic board

Also, we just heard about a data recovery case for someone who needed their data and had to use a “Clean Room” data recovery firm and ended up paying over $3100 for their data. Don’t use data recovery as your backup plan because there are times when the data is too far gone for a successful recovery.

We all know how reliable Macs are, and your data is super safe on the hard drive inside your Mac, but things could go wrong with your Mac! Since 2018 for 13” Macs and 2016 for 15” Macs, the “hard drive” on Mac laptops has been part of the main logic board. So, for instance, let’s say one drop of water got in and fried the logic board; I can’t “remove” the hard drive as I could just a few years ago. It’s why it’s SO important to back up your data with newer Macs.

If you do not use a Time Machine drive for your Mac, I highly encourage you to purchase a drive, as it’s already built into the OS and is easy to use! Just bring your blank hard drive in or buy one from me, and I’ll configure it to automatically back up your whole Mac (and it can even back up 1 or 2 more Macs) for free.

I wrote a blog post about Time Machine being your best defense against lost files and how iCloud files on a Mac are not considered a real backup. It also includes a nice review from a new MacMedics customer that almost lost her data that was stored iCloud:

In the computer business, we like to say, “you can never have too many backups.” Mix in some extra Time Machine drives (leave one at your Mom’s house, your beach house, or your office to add more security (plus, these count as an off-site backup, and don’t forget to encrypt it!). Also, I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable clone of my hard drive too!

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