What’s missing from this photo?

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What’s missing from this photo?

Are you prepared to have your Mac and backup drive just vanish overnight? How could you get right back to work? What about your data? Your client’s data? If you don’t have a plan for off-site backup, then you need to make one!

This is an actual photo of our customer’s desk. You can see that there used to be an iMac sitting there. It was stolen! The thieves got a few Macs from this office and also a Time Capsule with backups on it. Thankfully the bad guys missed a Mac mini server that was right next to the Time Capsule.

MacMedics to the rescue! First of all, we had detailed notes and sales records of all of the stolen items (Purchased in 2015). Our customer needed that info for the police report and their insurance claim. We also had a new router in stock that we used to replace the Apple Time Capsule since they are no longer made. So, within a few hours, we had their network up and running again.

We can help protect you against disasters just like this with an off-site backup plan. MacMedics can help! We’re Backblaze and Dropbox resellers.

You never think this will happen to you, but crazy once in a lifetime things like this happen all the time. In this theft case, our customer lost his keys outside of the office. A bad actor found the keys, figured it there were for someplace nearby, and then crept in at night to steal stuff. They also tried to steal his car, but the Mac thief and would-be car thief did not know how to drive a stick shift.


What would you do if your Mac was stolen?


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